April 08-10, 2024 - London, UK



Bartolomei, Fabrice, France

McTague, Amy, United Kingdom

Bialer, Meir, Israel

Meletti, Stefano, Italy

Bisulli, Francesca, Italy

Moss, Stephen, United States

Bleck, Thomas, United States

Mula, Marco, United Kingdom

Bosque Varela, Pilar, Austria

Neligan, Aidan, United Kingdom

Cock, Hannah, United Kingdom

Ng, Marcus, Canada

Cole, Andrew J., United States

Richardson, Mark, United Kingdom

Cook, Mark, Australia

Rogawski, Michael A., United States

Cross, Helen, United Kingdom

Rogers, Jonathan, United Kingdom

Fernandez-Torre, Jose, Spain

 Sankar, Raman, United States

Fountain, Nathan, United States

Schoeler, Natasha, United Kingdom

Gardella, Elena, Denmark

Shorvon, Simon, United Kingdom

Haider, Hiba, United States

Singh, Gagandeep, India

Hocker, Sara, United States

Specchio, Nicola, Italy

Irani, Sarosh, United States

Strzelczyk, Adam, Germany

Kapur, Jaideep, United States

Sutula, Thomas, United States

Kälviäinen, Reetta, Finland

Taubøll, Erik, Norway

Kämppi, Leena, Finland

Taylor, Peter, United Kingdom

Kullmann, Dimitri, United Kingdom

Tinuper, Paolo, Italy

Leitinger, Markus, Austria

Trinka, Eugen, Austria

Lignani, Gabriele, United Kingdom

Walker, Matthew, United Kingdom

Lowenstein, Daniel, United States

Wirrell, Elaine, United States

Löscher, Wolfgang, Germany

Zolkowska, Dorota, United States

Maciel, Carolina, United States



Organisation, Registration, Abstract Submission

       PCO Tyrol Congress
     Rennweg 3, 6020 Innsbruck

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Exhibition and sponsorship

      studio12 gmbh
      Mr Ralph Kerschbaumer
    Kaiser Josef Straße 9


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